Just a little bit more, and you are on long awaited, well deserved vacation. But this last step before the trip can make us nervous in the worst possible moment. So that packing doesn’t get you frustrated and ruin the fun before it even started, it is important that you organize it better.


First important thing about packing is not to throw stuff in the bags randomly, which maybe was your style when returning home from spring brake, but let’s get serious, that is, if you don’t want additional stress. So, you need to have an order, how, when, where and what are you packing. Otherwise, as always, one bag is not enough, then you get another one, and at the end, you cannot close either of them. Also, it is of importance that your clothes look decent when you get to your destination, so if you do not want for them to be wrinkled, that is another good reason for you to pay attention while packing.

For starters you should think about what are you going to bring with yourself, depending on the destination, length of the trip and the weather. Do not pack more things than you need, for example just in case you brought five pairs of shoes for seven days. That is too much, unless the occasion demands different kind of outfits. With that being said, check what your accommodation already has to offer like an iron, dryer, shampoo, bubble bath, soap, towels, toothpaste, etc. Why would you pack stuff that you already have and do not need there? Be economical.

So, take a pen and a paper, make a to-do and a checklist, write what do you need to pack, and in what are you going to put it. Because everything necessary that don’t possess already, you will need to buy. Likewise, decide if you are going to go shopping on the trip, so that you can bring additional bag. If you will be doing that, ask for the price of that, if you do not want get surprised at the airport on the way back, and also in order to plan that in the budget.

When you finish with making lists, shopping and checking, you can go on further to the next step. Now you need to think about the order in which you will pack your things. For example, shoes go to the bottom or into separate pockets, vanity cases between clothes or in hand luggage, etc. Make sure that you are aware of the airline policies, especially what must be packed into the suitcase, what can be put into the hand luggage, how much liquid can you bring in the plane and how to wrap it. More important is what food and drinks, and how much can you bring to another country. Read thoroughly about these rules, in order not to repack your bags at the airport, pay for overweight luggage or worse, throw away something that you just bought. It is a waste of money and time.

If you did all of the above, you can finally start packing. Make sure that you are following your plan, also minor deviations are not a problem, but the more you stick to the plan, the faster and easier you will finish packing, and all that without stress. To prevent loss of things, make a list of everything that you are packing, as well as what must be checked before and after like washing, drying and ironing clothes or charging batteries, for example. This is the best way to bring back all the stuff that you took with yourself to the trip. Maybe this sounds funny, because who knows how many lists you’ve made until now, but lists prevent a risk of going to the store several times, as well as pulling your hair on the way back when you realize what have you forgotten abroad.

After you have packed most or even all necessary things, you should weigh the bags, so that you would know approximately whether the weight is according to the regulations, or you still need to get something out of them. This also prevents a mini heart attack at the airport when you see that your bag is five kilos overweight and that you need to pay the difference. And you though all is well because you managed to pack everything that you wanted and also close the bag. If everything fits it still doesn’t mean you are fine with the weight of the luggage, so be aware of that. If you are not traveling by plane, packing should be significantly faster considering the fact that you do not have rules for the weight of the bags, or what must go into suitcase and what into hand luggage, but you still need to know regulations about food and drinks that you want to bring across border.

Before leaving the house, once more check if you, by any chance, forgot something on the bed, table, chair, because you wanted to pack it at the end such as toothbrush, although that is minor because you can buy it, but the charger, that is, well a living hell. Passport, tickets, insurance, money, cards, and similar personal things is best to have with yourself, at least while on the road, so put them in something you will not take your eyes off. If all the documents are there, that would be it, bags are packed, and you are ready for an adventure.

I wish you a pleasant stay, memorable vacation and a nice time.

Happy traveling!